Sunday, November 18, 2007


Arrived late last night in Nairobi with all luggage intact - which is extraordinary, since we sat on the Runway in Greensboro for an hour and a half, and I got to Newark 15 minutes before my Brussels flight took off. The travel gods were with me this time!

It's good to be back in Africa again - if you've been here you'll know what I'm talking about - the scent of the air is always the first thing that makes me feel like I'm "home" - a heady combination of wood smoke, diesel fumes, and that indescernable "something" that hits me every time I get off a plane here. It's a comforting smell, and immediately reminds me how much I love Africa.

That's not to say I don't miss home already, It finally hit me on the plane how long 4 months is...I guess I've been so busy rushing around to get ready that it didn't really occur to me just how long that is....Eric I miss you and the boys so much already...and I miss the routine of home already too. It really hit me when Henry, the lovely driver who picked me up at the airport (and nearly gave me a heart attack driving in Nairobi - guess I'd better get used to the maniacal roads again) said goodnight and left me alone in the sparse apartment/'ll be a long time till I sleep in my own bed again. One very pleasant surprise - access to a wireless internet (thank you Mr. Chinhavi, whoever you are, for your network!), so I don't feel quite so isolated.

Will be spending the next few days in Nairobi meeting with Ministry of Health and National Malaria Control staff to learn more about the flooding situation and national malaria control protocols, then off to the field. Feeling rather overwhelmed with the whole thing right now but I'm sure the pieces will fall into place quickly.

Here are some more pictures of the flooding in Budalangi and the people who are affected:

sorry, couldn't get the rest of the pictures to load...not a great internet connection..

Hi to everyone!

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