Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Bread and Cabbage

Things are really improving here!! There was cabbage on the market and bread in the shops today!! i'm very excited as we have not had cabbage in a long time. We've had greens (similar to kale) and tomatoes every single meal for the past week as this was all that's been available in the markets. A little vegetable variety will be so nice!! (I'm kidding, but not really...you know you're living in Africa when you start to drool at the prospect of cabbage).

But seriously. Bread in the shops means goods are moving on the roads, so that means fuel and other necessary commodities like beer and coffee are also on the way. I called the bank in Busia today and they still have money (most banks have run out) so that's also cause for celebration. The price of fuel has quadrupled in Uganda to something like $4 a liter, and there is none to be found here.

And the best piece of news from today is that Kibaki has sworn in his cabinet. I guess he is quite serious about negotiating a power sharing agreement with Odinga (not). The rally planned for today was cancelled late yesterday afternoon but I'm sure will be back on the agenda for tomorrow or friday, just in time to disrupt things all over again. I'm sure Kibaki is quite aware of the short attention span of Westerners...just like Nigeria, Zimbabwe and a million other places where democracy has been subverted: wait a few weeks and they'll forget about it, there are more important things to pay attention to like Britney Spears' nervous breakdown.

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