Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Don't Worry!

I know everyone has seen the news reports of the horrific violence all over Kenya, but we are in the safest place we could possibly be at the moment. It is peaceful and quiet here, but travel outside of our area is impossible so we are just staying put. People have asked me about evacuation, getting out, etc etc. This only happens in extreme situations (like Somalia or Rwanda). I am registered with the Canadian Embassy, they know where I am and have my phone number.

I have also been asked what MENTOR is doing for us...remember that MENTOR works in crisis situations, including much worse places than this. Fanette spent a year in Chad where there were rebel incursions into her area frequently. Since we are in a safe area, we have been advised to stay where we are and use our best judgement, but since we are not in any danger, there is no discussion of leaving.

We are just bored out of our skulls! We decided to delay going back to work until Monday, and we don't have much to do at the house. Thank goodness I have my books and can study, but that gets boring too! We have watched 12 episodes of "Prison Break" (great show by the way if you haven't seen it) and have 10 more left. Then I suppose we will move on to "Desperate Housewives". I am so glad I bought those DVDs!!!

Please don't worry, we really are in the best place we can be and have no intentions of going anywhere until it is absolutely safe. Fanette and I both understand the situation very clearly and we are not going to take any risks. We are in an oasis of calm here. Hopefully we can carry on with our work very soon as the longer we delay the more the risk to the people for malaria.

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