Sunday, December 30, 2007


Kibaki has won the election. This is not good news, and there is likely to be total chaos for several days. Nairobi is already worse. There have absolutely been irregularities, with one constituency reporting 115% of registered voters voting for Kibaki. EU observers have stated that they have serious concerns about the process. What a mess.

I am glad we are in the village now. There is a group of American missionaries staying in the house just down from us, which is good, because normally it would just be Fanette and I alone in the place. They were supposed to go to the Mara for safari yesterday and are now stuck here. We are all monitoring the situation and keeping each other updated. It is totally peaceful here so no worries, except we have no food!! We went and bought tomatoes, onions, kale, avocadoes and a loaf of stale white bread this afternoon, all we could find in the markets. Thankfully we bought some canned goods in Kisumu on Friday night so have some mixed vegetables, chickpeas, and some beans. Yum yum! Plus, Fanette has a couple of tins of foie gras that her mother sent from France, and a bottle of wine we bought in Kisumu. We'll have a swinging New Year in Budalangi!!

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