Saturday, December 29, 2007


We are sitting in the restaurant of the hotel watching the election on TV. The ECK (Electoral Commission of Kenya) has been having periodic press conferences to announce results as they come in. Things have been getting more and more heated as the delay in announcing the presidential results continues. The Chief Commissioner came out and everyone was expecting him to "announce" as they say, but instead went on to read off the already known results again. The crowd went ballistic. Right now I am watching a mob at the press conference, screaming and yelling at the Commissioner, pushing and shoving, reporters and party agents shouting at each other and the Commissioner, and the Commissioner is refusing to budge on announcing, saying people will need to wait until tomorrow or the day after. He is saying that they cannot reach the officials to get final counts in some constituencies, but reporters are saying they have reached them and have results. it's like a Monty Python movie! He's just now said "I cannot continue my work so I will go home". Everyone in the restaurant shouted "Bwana Go!!"

It's interesting to be watching history being made but I WANT TO GO HOME!!!

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