Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stuck in Kisumu

We are stuck in Kisumu for the foreseeable time. The looting has escalated. They are only looting Kikuyu-owned shops. This is Kibaki's (incumbent president) tribe, and they are of course PNU supporters. I just stepped outside the gates for a peek a few minutes ago and word is they are now burning down the looted Kikuyu-owned shops. We can hear teargas being discharged and heard gunshots a couple of times also. The guy we hired our car from just came over and said no way to leave now. In fact, Kibaki has just pulled into the lead and everyone is outraged, saying it had to be rigging. If Odinga (opposition leader) does in fact lose, we may be stuck in Kisumu for days. It is a huge ODM (opposition) stronghold. There will be total chaos for days. We've also just heard that other cities are burning: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kakamega...

The election itself went so smoothly, everyone thought this would be peaceful. So disappointing, but not surprising, that violence has flared up. Tribal rivalries contribute to this, but violence seems to be a common means of resolving differences.

Will keep posting as events unfold. Meanwhile, we are safe so no reason to worry. Maybe I'll post pictures from the Masai Mara later when I get bored. Fortunately I've got the entire first season of "Prison Break" on a CD I bought in the market in Busia so we have at least 12 hours of entertainment.

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