Saturday, December 29, 2007


We are stuck in Kisumu. Riots have broken out over the "delays" in counting the ballots for the election (which is ridiculous as far as I'm concerned as the election was 2 days ago and they don't have the system computerized - a lot of hand counting involved) - so of course everyone believes it is a plot by the current president (who appears to be losing) to rig the election. There are fires and mobs roaming the street throwing stones. We are inside a gated hotel so very safe but I am desperate to get home! The guy we hired the car from is here and is scouting the situation to see if it is safe. I think it will cool down in a few hours and we can go.

The president declared yesterday a public holiday....what a brilliant idea, let's have everyone not working and roaming the streets and fomenting outrage. Seems to have worked...we are in the hotel watching the election on TV and there is a lot of problems in Nairobi and other areas. Perhaps it is a ploy by the in the army to quell the riots and declare a state of emergency...retain power, declare the election results void, etc etc. I don't think this will happen because there is so much Western attention being paid to this election but in Africa politicians hate to lose power, no matter how much they say they are willing to step down peacefully.

So anyways, here we sit, listening to them read off the results from the various constituencies, with the "election theme song" playing over and over and will be burned into my mind by the time this is over.

Don't worry, we will not attempt to go anywhere until we are absolutely certain it is safe.

Will write about Masia Mara trip later, hopefully from home.

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