Saturday, December 29, 2007

Total Chaos!!

Total chaos has broken out in Kisumu. People are looting, we can see people leaving the downtown area carrying sofas, TVs, generators, beds, anything they can get their hands on. We can hear the yelling, chanting and fighting from here, several blocks away from downtown. People have set piles of tires on fire blocking roads, there is smoke hanging over the city. People are saying that the country has no president at the moment so there are no laws. The results need to be announced ASAP. apparently there have been ballot boxes disappear and others spoiled. People are in a frenzy, and using the election as an excuse to steal and pillage. I can imagine what is happening in Nairobi right now. The police are powerless to do anything against these mobs. We are staying put, it looks like probably for another night. If it calms down enough to get out of town we will do so but only if we are 100% certain it is safe.

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